Harmony with Horses
Saturday July 4th 9:30am - 10:30am
Harmony with horses will provide guests with the opportunity to learn about horse from "the ground up." Instructors will describe equine psychology and how to communicate with horses in a round pen setting. The instructors will show guests how to lead, groom, and saddle the horse. learning about how to communicate with a horse on the ground will prepare you for riding. This is the basis of all horsemanship and helps humans and horse develop a realtionship that can be expanded once in the saddle. Included in All Inclusive package. $30 Al la Carte, RM Meals, & B&B
Please note that Harmony with horses in NOT a riding activity. It is to focus on learning about the horse and to prepare you for riding.
*Large groups are encouraged to call concierge (866-413-3833) for special arrangements on activities that are restrictive of quantities or sessions.
There are 5 spots remaining. Please check activity description above for any age restrictions.
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