Hummingbird Pewter Sculpture Casting
Tuesday February 18th 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Make a lifetime memory of your stay at Tanque Verde Ranch. Learn to do something that is exciting and educational, and something that most people never get to see or do--cast pewter hummingbirds! In this breath-taking workshop, you will cast your very own pewter hummingbird and flower. We will teach you about the pewter-- what it is, its history, and how and where it is mined. You will learn how the hummingbird was sculpted and molded using RTV mold rubber. Then each guest will cast two hummingbirds and a flower using our lead-free "American" Fine Pewter. This pewter will stay a shiny silver color forever, even if displayed outdoors! You can hang one hummingbird, using a ring between the wings, as a sun catcher or ornament. Many guests use them as Christmas ornaments. The other hummingbird can be placed in the flower to complete this beautiful sculpture. Children under 5 are welcome to come for free with an adult, and will be allowed to pour a free small sculpture of a train or rose. Not included in any package. $60.00 per person.
This activity is at an additional price of $60.00 per guest, regardless of what package is reserved with us.
*Large groups are encouraged to call concierge (866-413-3833) for special arrangements on activities that are restrictive of quantities or sessions.
There are 2 spots remaining. Please check activity description above for any age restrictions.
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