Moderate Hike in Saguaro National Park
Monday October 14th 9:00am - 12:00pm
Join our three-hour, 6-mile hike on a series of trails in Saguaro National Park. Hike will include some elevation gain and great views on trails that can be rough and rocky. Follow a knowledgeable guide to scenic destinations in the nearby hills and canyons. Bring your camera for great views. Included in "all inclusive" package. $35 2hrs//$45 3hrs Al la Carte. Hiking Sticks and Backpacks are provided on request.
* Closed toed shoes are required. * Bring a waterbottle. *2 hour hikes are for 10yrs & up As a friendly reminder, any activities that are signed up through TVRFUN will be billed according to the type of package you booked with us. . We reserve the right to bill you for any and all activities that you have signed up for through TVRFUN.
*Large groups are encouraged to call concierge (866-413-3833) for special arrangements on activities that are restrictive of quantities or sessions.
There are 7 spots remaining. Please check activity description above for any age restrictions.
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