Readings by Stephanie
Thursday November 14th 6:40pm - 7:00pm
Psychic Readings By Stephanie Stephanie does 20 minute readings for $35 on Thursdays from 2p-8pm. She is located in the Card/History Room. About Stephanie.... Stephanie has been a psychic, medium and astrologer for 40+ years. She has appeared on local and national radio being the first psychic on the radio in 1988. Stephanie has been written up in the AZ Daily Star and the Citizen. She has lectured at Canyon Ranch and the University of Arizona and has taught psychic/spiritual development classes for many years. Stephanie is available for an hour or hour and a half private reading on another day in the afternoon and/or early evening if so desired. This activitiy is not included in any package.
18 yrs and older Not included in any package.
*Large groups are encouraged to call concierge (866-413-3833) for special arrangements on activities that are restrictive of quantities or sessions.
There are 1 spots remaining. Please check activity description above for any age restrictions.
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