Intermediate Mountain Biking
Wednesday February 19th 1:15pm - 2:45pm
Experience the rush of the Southwestern terrain on a full suspensio mountain bike with one of our experienced biking guides! A true desert adventure awaits you as you bicycle through Arizona's mountain and desert landscapes, making this a ride you do not want to miss. Al la Carte $30.00 per hour.
Ages 7 to Adults Closed toed shoes are required **1:15pm Mountain biking is considred an Intermediate ride and we ask that you participate in at least one "All Level" ride prior to signing up for this ride. As a friendly reminder, any activities that are signed up through will be billed according to the type of package you have reserved with us. We reserve the right to bill you for any and all activitties that you have signed up for through
*Large groups are encouraged to call concierge (866-413-3833) for special arrangements on activities that are restrictive of quantities or sessions.
There are 7 spots remaining. Please check activity description above for any age restrictions.
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